Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Mobile Are You?

The latest figures by the Mobile Data Association suggest over 15 million people accessed the mobile web in March this year, a rise of nearly 1 million unique users on the previous month. 3, the UK network operator also recorded 118 million instant messages sent via MSN Mobile in May this year – that’s on one network in one month! The increase in mobile internet usage is yet another clear sign that mobile web browsing is here to stay and with the significant role interactive job search plays in our everyday lives, it is perhaps the right time for recruiters to understand how they can capitalise on the mobile opportunity.

The additions the mobile device has acquired over the last few years in MP3 and camera functionality is a testament to the devices importance in the everyday lives of UK consumers. Never before has an electronic device had such an impact on the way people communicate and manage their lives and it is this personalised element that recruiters can really take advantage of.

Peter Holsgrove of asap.mobi, the leading mobile developer of classified advertising and mobile job search functionality suggests "the mobile phone is more important to us than any other device and it has made a huge impact on the way we stay in touch with friends and colleagues, store photographic memories and organise our favourite music and other personal data. With the restrictions now imposed by many employers on internet activity at work and the privacy benefits mobile provides, if integrated correctly, mobile will have a significant impact on the way recruiters and their brands engage with potential candidates. We recommend enabling job seekers with a 'cross media' solution and integrating print, web and mobile to provide the ultimate job seeking experience.”

Source: On Rec

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