Monday, June 11, 2007

Case Study - Chinese New Year Campaign

Date: March 19th, 2007

Company: Madhouse

Client: PepsiCo China

Pepsi is always looking for innovative ways to not just reach out to but interact with their target audience. Thus, for Pepsi's Chinese New Year campaign featuring the ever popular pop star Jolin Tsai, Pepsi turned to Madhouse to reach the young demographic which consumes more and more mobile media everyday.

1) Drive the greatese viewership of the CNY TVC Nationwide

2) Reach China's young mobile user base who spends more of their time consuming new versus traditional media

3) Users on the move can experience Pepsi's digital content and share with friends anytime anywhere

In cooperation with Pepsi, Madhouse built the Pepsi CNY WAP campaign site hosting downloadable content such as the Chinese New Year TV commercial and many behind-the-scenes videos

To ensure the premium presentation of content and delivering the best brand image possible, Madhouse automatically tailors content for each of the 1000's of handset models in China

Capitalizing on the customary practice of sending greetings for CNY, Pepsi CNY mobile greeting cards increased the viral effectiveness of the campaign

To drive traffic to the site, ads were served by Madhouse across a breadth of large protal and entertainment sites on Madhouse's ad network, MadNetwork

During the 2 weeks of mobile media promotion, the ads served by MadServing achieved over 8,000,000 total impressions resulting in over 3.6% click-through rate generating over 140,000 unique visitors to the Pepsi CNY WAP site

Source: Mobile Marketing Association

Full study here

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