Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Case Study - Enpocket Powers On-Pack Mobile Promotion for Pepsi

In April 2006 Pepsi launched one of the most high profile text-2-win campaigns to date in the UK - the "What's In Your Locker?" Xbox 360 promotion. The on-pack promotion, backed by a major TV campaign featuring England soccer stars old and new, gave customers the chance to win an Xbox 360 every 90 minutes of every day over a two month period leading up to and during World Cup.

  • Drive sales of Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Twist, Pepsi Regular and Diet Pepsi (across all pack sizes)
  • Tap into Pepsi's association with soccer figureheads like David Beckham and Ronaldinho, and leverage the hype created by the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany
Unique codes were printed on approximately 95 million units of Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Twist, Pepsi Regular, Diet Pepsi across 7 different pack variants. The promotional packs invited consumers to take part in the competition to win one of a thousand Xbox 360s that were up for grabs.

With a draw every 90 minutes consumers simply had to text their unique code from the packaging to short code 60360. Savvy entrants referred to the graph on the Pepsi website measuring the number of entries for each 90 minute period, so they could calculate the best drawing to enter. Thousands texted in their codes in the middle of the night to maximize their chances of winning!

The Enpocket Marketing Engine ensured each code was entered into the correct draw depending on the time the text message was received and then informed the winner of the Xbox 360 by text. All entrants were also sent a return site where they could download free soccer content for their phones.

The campaign was supported through the line with TV advertising and with a major presence at point of sale across a range of retail outlets.

  • There were almost a million entries in the first phase of the competition
  • The campaign highlighted Pepsi's affiliation with soccer during a key period - the World Cup
  • A soccer promotion via mobile enabled Pepsi to connect with their key youth demographics
  • The text 2 win promotion brought customers closer to the brand, and by driving customers to the Pepsi mobile internet site it established an even deeper dialogue
Source: Mobile Marketing Association

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