Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Case Study - Heineken (Mobile Dreams Factory)

Company - Mobile Dreams Factory

Client - Heineken

Heineken is one of the most sold beer companies in Spain. Champions league is the European soccer championship.

Heineken is one of the official sponsors of the Champions League. For that reason they wanted to tie their brand with the championship.

1) Associate Heineken brand with the "Soccer's Champions League."

2) Reward consumers' loyalty instantly

Heineken distributed scratch-cards to bar customers. All the scratch-cards have a code that needs to be sent by text message. Each code participates in a draw to win different prizes. No matter if the customer won or not, he/she will receive a WAP push instantly with Heineken mobile agenda.

The mobile agenda is based in Mobile Dreams' proprietary technology called-Microeditions. With this microedition the user can browse off-line Champions league's agenda.

Also the user can ask the agenda via Heineken's web page.

The Campaign is not over since the soccer season is not over. The last 2 months redemption rate of the agenda were 68% of the participations.

Study was published November 18, 2006.

Source: Mobile Marketing Association

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