Monday, June 4, 2007

Mobile Marketing - How does it fit in?

There are Pros and Cons to all forms of Marketing. While print, radio and television have tremendous reach, they provide limited interaction with consumers. Direct mail allows Marketers to segment their market, but is limited in its ability to grab consumer's attention. While the Web provides unprecedented interactivity and monitoring, but is not personal and has to fight for the consumer's attention. Marketers must provide a way to connect with consumers via all of these mediums when and where they show interest in their products to be most effective. Mobile Marketing provides an interactive and integrated platform that can be leveraged across all online and offline marketing.

Though many Brands excel through traditional and interactive marketing methods, it is also true that many competing factors can cloud the Brands message. Given this reality, smart marketers must constantly update their marketing mix with new responsive media to increase the probability of customers receiving the right message when they want it and where they want it. The most effective and least intrusive forms of mobile marketing are delivered on an opt-in basis; the availability and convenience of subscription based mobile marketing is ideal for foging loyal customers. This relaxed environment means customers are more receptive to the messages being communicated. By contacting prospects when and where they are most open to receiving marketing information, companies can garner unprecedented returns.

When designing a mobile marketing campaign, it is important to integrate and align the initiative with other marketing campaigns and goals. Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to integrate with all traditional marketing: brand marketing, direct marketing, market research, event marketing, in-store marketing and customer relationship management.

Brand Marketing
Mobile marketing provides a variety of options for increasing brand awareness. By providing consumers in-depth information you can influence purchase decisions by delivering tailored messages to specific demographics. Prospects receive the content they want, in a format that is convenient when it is needed. Integrated Mobile Brand Marketing is limited only by the imagination.

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing campaigns provide an opportunity to collect customer leads, deliver coupons and communicate promotions to a targeted audience. Mobile marketing's tracking and reporting capabilities provide fast, detailed campaign results, enabling quick prospect follow up. Mobile Marketing is flexible enough to easily integrate with traditional direct marketing strategies, and enables the development of creative drecet marketing campaigns that deliver quantifiable results.

Market Research
Researching consumer behavior via their mobile phone will change where, when and how we gather market data like no medium has before. The ability to survey , collect data and poll customers via their mobile phone, then push coupons, benefits and rewards programs directly to thei rMobile Phone will change the way brands develop and motivate loyal customers.

Event Marketing
Event marketing has long been a staple of marketing, there is no better time to raise brand awareness than when consumers are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Mobile event marketing allows brands to engage their audience by leveraging mobile interaction directly through television advertising, sproting events, concerts and trade shows.

Customer Relationship Management
The personal nature of the mobile phone makes them the ideal vehicle for enhancing existing customer relationships. Rather than just one-way corporate marketing messages, mobile marketing provides an avenue for two-way dialog with customers. Companies can provide customers with promotional information; secure account informations and status, frequently asked questions, customer support, loyalty programs and more.

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