Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Case Study - Sprite 3G Mobile Content Downloads (Ringtones)

Increase brand awareness for 'a new member of the Sprite family...'

Sponge were requested by UK interactive agency, Weapon 7, to fulfill the mobile part of their interactive TV campaign for Sprite 3G. The TV advertisement featured an elf-like creature alongside a can of Sprite 3G offering viewers to get 'both sprites for free.'

The can of Sprite 3G was made available to viewers pressing their blue button via interactive TV, to order a postal coupon to redeem their free can of drink.

Viewers texting in the SPRITE keyword to the 5-digit shortcode promoted during the TV ad received a video download of a dancing elf-like 'sprite 3G' to their mobile by wap push.

The elf-like Sprite 3G arrived as a video download of the dancing creature, delivered to viewer's mobile phones by wap push as a result of the viewer texting in the SPRITE keyword to the shortcode promoted during the TV advertisement.

Sponge worked with Weapon 7 to ensure the content was of highest quality and compatible with a maximum number of mobile handsets, and managed the content delivery.

Higher than expected response rate: "we've almost surpassed our target number of interactions for the whole campaign with a week still to go...!" - Joanna Moynihan, 'Sprite' Brand Manager, UK

Source: Mobile Marketing Association

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